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This guy Frank Hardy the author,   above,  was  a great  pleasure to meet !
He introduce me, through writings, to the  Aborigines in  NT, and  brought me to the Melbourne Cup,  the 2nd of November 1982.

My other mentor was the richest girl Australia ever had.  She show me the other side of the "coin". Living  in her place in Woollahra  was of course a great experience.

My 3rd mentor was a Great godlike religious professor at  the Sydney University, and later also my best man, at the time. He  introduce me for the very first time to an aborigines person . That person said arrogantly to me : "Do you know my background mate?"
New in Australia and silly as I was,  I answered him: " Yeah man,  a bookshelf !", as we meet in the library in the University.

One day I will tell you all about, all this Great Aussies.

Until then,  please read the "Songlines", Mate !

Did I forget Jill Scott,  the artist  ? ... or my lecture at the Australian Film Commision in North Ryde  1987.

In fact I meet my old friend  Natasha Alexandrovna Princess Jusopov's daughter Katarina Munthe  in Sydney the very same day and had a nice lunch in Watson Bay.

A months later I was invited to have a dinner with my  ex-wifes schoolmate and friend, Rose Lang Hancock and Mr. Hancock from Perth but my mother died, in Sweden so I have to cancel it.
Unfortunately the Swedish SAS Airlines could not arrange a flight for me back to Sweden, despite my full insurance, so I left for Papua New Guinea to work on my new project, "Body Painting",  financed by the Swedish Government.
Rose gave me her own video production " Hancock Legacy" later and wanted to finance a graphic portfolio. Ewwww.

Sometimes I really hate to remember....
Yeah,  shit happens...
...but one day..........
Ten years later I suggested Paul Keating in Townsville on a dinner,  that it should be possible to be an Australian Citizen without making an oath to the Queen. We had a  written correspondence on that issue and later on he got it through the Parliament. When I later asked  him to be that  very first Australian Citizen, on my conditions I proposed him ,  his senior advisor (Bolkus) said to me in a letter 1993, that he could not promise that.  I can prove  this matter.
And it was not very fair of him.
Townsville, not to  forget. What a hopeless city.
A bunch of politically selfappointed Kings.
Once  it was a public meeting 1990/91 on Magnetic Island - approx. 200 people -  I suggested to hand-over the beach land of Florence Bay to the National Park. The meeting on the Island was recorded by the media. It was a completely new proposal I gave. The very next day The Mayor of the Townsville  Cr Tony Mooney, made my proposal to his own and was "riding" on the frontpages in the local media, for the next 14 days, witten by Mooney's close friend at the  Townsville Bulletin.
Florence Bay beach was returned to the National Park Authority!
What a corrupted little City Tribal life.

I was also  invited to the Palm Island,  as I had suggested them  to make up a Family Tree of their ancestors. I aslo wrote to  the Royal Commision and complain about the living standard on that poor Island 1990.
I  am still getting  sick when I think about.

The Catholic Church was incredible unpolite and had a lot of  bad  influence on  the living standard on Palm island.
One day on the beach in Townsville 1991, I read on the back of an Australian soldier, written as a tattoo on his back: "Speak english or die"

I was dreaming that I was sleeping, when I read it.
And yet, its a nice place Townsville and Magnetic Island.
Last time I returned to Australia after a job in China I went through the wrong line in Brisbane Airport, through the Custom line, and was asked if I hade anything to declare.
I never buy anything at the International Airports
so I said: "Yes as a matter of fact, I have something to declare."
The policeman said: " And what is that ?"
I said: " I wanna declare that I am very happy to be back home again"
The policeman in the Custom said: " Welcome please passing through, Sir."

Thats Australia !!!!

So, the sense moral is simply: "Good on you mate!!"

(I am sorry for the grammar, about all this writings, but you know...
I am not a fucking silly academic...), spelling, grammar and semantic bulldust is not a priority in my life.

Nevertheless Dr. Dale Spender at  James Cook University recently (2005) expressed it this way:
' all this rubbish which is talked about spelling for instance. correct spelling was only invented because of the printing press. before that spelling had no importance whatsoever. chakespeare spelled his name 16 different ways and nobody said he was illiterate '

I am sure though that I make up the cultural identity of this nation, very well........


Your "Cultural Rubicon"
M/S TAMPA 2001, 29 August. Christmas Island.
I did not get a Dime for the proposal
22 million other  new refugees is on the way - what to do next  ?

This is a new phenomena

Eric my best man and friend 1988.
Katarina Munthe, the grand daughter of Prince Jusopov of Russia.
Photographs: Ture Sjolander
Left: Mr Hancock and in the background Rose Lang. To the right: The child kidnapper Maria Loures Acevedo. Sydney May 1987.
 Natascha ! Reading Swedish.
Townsville City Council a bunch of self appointed  longterm  dictators. It smells !
AnnChristine and Frank. Photo: Ture Sjolander
Ture with one of his aussie  "mentor"
Ture Sjolander in Sydney 1982. Photo: AnnChristine.
Collins Class Submarines
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