newstime 2008
"There is only One Way out
to resurrect America, to re-new The United States of America. Get rid of the obsolete values represented by the despicable political old Clans. America deserve a new direction and a fresh start. The only way is to get new blood into the nation is to embrase new people into the heart of the political center. This old family clans can not again dominate the nation with their traditional dynasties. It would again be devastating and lack of development leading to a complete stagnation. Listen to the World abroad America, this time"
                     - Ture Sjolander
What to do with Female Religious Sociopaths ?
The Alaskan Wolfes
The tepid woman.
A running young catholic hockey chick is exactly what I need at my age and the country second. That is the best way to let my favorite Barack Obama win the election.
It may even pay off my friend, the compulsive political gambler, Hillary Clintons personal debts.
- You done it again Mr McCain.
I fall in love with her - Rick Davis
The Leader of the Crime Pack
"Whatever you do, don't you ever never
give your vote to a ex-journalist, soldier
or religious sociopath, male or female.
Secondly, never vote for an unpopular
present presidents best mate."
                              Ture Sjolander
Godzilla from Wasilla
How the Governor Sarah Palin and her sister try to put a Child Custody Court Case under the carpet should have the priority. That's the political point of magnitude and merits !
Who said: " I'm living in a place where
men are men and woman are woman" ?
Sarah Palin's Military Record
Prime News 2009
Obama Rudd March 24,  Washington 2010
Space In The Brain 1969 Time 1966 and Monument 1967
Swedish Language History